Hi Claudia, see this girl- Jess- the bright confident sassy little lady strutting her stuff in front of hundreds last weekend? I don’t know if you remember first meeting her nearly 2 years ago. She came to your class scared of EVERYTHING! There is no way I could drop her at a lesson & leave, she needed coaxing to join the other girls on the floor, she would hold my hand constantly. This girl was an uncoordinated nightmare- couldn’t catch a ball, let alone do a cartwheel, was the slowest runner by a mile, all limbs at odd angles.
You, Asha & Andrei and the whole CX family have transformed her- she sparkles on stage, is growing stronger and more elegant by the day and lives for cheer, as her mumma I know 100% it is thanks to you that this year she placed in school cross country and the long jump. I also believe the big academic leap she has made this year is in part due to a new confidence in herself.
You have given this timid little ghost girl strong role models, a strong body, and a belief in herself and her abilities that I never could have. Thank you.

Waverley Jones

I would like to thank all involved in the running of this great club especially Aleisha and Kaylie for the love and patience they have shown towards our girls. Paige cant wait to get to practice to give them a cuddle. This has been a big change to our lives from sitting on my own watching my grand daughter jumping off and going down ramps at the skate park where she was always the only girl amongst a lot of teenage boys who were very good to her. .I am very happy she is now with a group of lovely girls and I get to associate with a great group of parents. This on its own is a win in my mind. Thanks.

Sandra Kilgour